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Ceiling and Lighting Louvre Panels

K12 Prismatic

K12 is the original prismatic lighting panel whose overall efficiencies and lamp concealment qualities have become benchmarks against which other prismatic panels are judged. With a 5mm diagonal female prism pattern, K12 provides maximum efficiency and good brightness control in the direct glare zone.

K12 Specifications:

Prism Size: 5mm x 5mm
Prism Configuration: Female at 45 degree axis
Prism Depth: 1.8mm
Resistance to UV: Excellent

Size 2440mm x 1220mm x 3mm



K12 Prismatic


K15 Prismatic

K15 has been engineered to provide the ridged structural characteristics needed to span extra-wide luminaries, while presenting a flawlessly flat appearance. The large 9.5mm square based female prisms will run parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the panel, create an aesthetically pleasing appearance that has seen K15 used in many architectural applications.

K15 Applications:

  • Large Retail Areas
  • Illuminated Ceilings
  • Skydomes
  • Natural Lighting

Size 2440mm x 1220mm x 4.5mm


Prismatic K15